Photo: Knut Revne/Norwegian Maritime Directorate's photo competition

Ecosystem-based marine management in Norway

The Norwegian Government has developed integrated marine management plans for all Norwegian sea areas. 

Management plans for all Norwegian sea areas

The first to be completed was the management plan for the Barents Sea-Lofoten area. It was presented in the White Paper on Integrated Management of the Marine Environment of the Barents Sea and the Sea Areas off the Lofoten Islands in 2006. A management plan for the Norwegian Sea was finalised in 2009, and a first update of the management plan for the Barents Sea-Lofoten area was published in 2011. In 2013 the Government presented a management plan for the North Sea and Skagerrak. These management plans are listed in the right hand column.

Large-scale spatial management tools

The management plans are large-scale spatial management tools and cover the areas in Norway's Exclusive Economic Zone, outside the coastal baseline. Work on the management plan is coordinated by an Interministerial Steering Committee. The scientific basis for the management plans is coordinated by the Management Forum of the Norwegian Sea Areas, in collaboration with an Advisory Forum on Monitoring. Both of these groups have built up a broad knowledge base on the environmental and economic consequences of current and future activities in the management plan areas.

The Norwegian Environment Agency is head of the Management Forum. The Norwegian Polar Institute and The Norwegian Environment Agency together form the secretariat.


If you have any questions please email the secretariat:

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