Report to the Norwegian product register within March 15

Companies who have chemicals registered in the Norwegian product register have to report quantities on a yearly basis.  The report of quantities for 2019 must be submitted electronically.

Deadline 15 March 2020

The annual reporting of quantities for 2019 must be submitted no later than 15 March 2020. All companies importing chemicals to, or producing in Norway, with a duty to declare according to Norwegian legislation, have to report quantities produced or imported the previous year to the Norwegian product register.

If you have difficulties meeting the deadline, or you have questions regarding the report of annual quantities, please send queries to.

Electronic report of quantities for 2019

All reports of quantities and declaration of chemicals to the Product Register must be by using the Norwegian Environment Agency`s electronic system for declaration of chemicals:

Chemical Declaration to the Product Register 

If you or your company do not have access to this system, please send a filled Application Form to, and we will help you.

Duty to comply

The Norwegian company is responsible for complying with this duty but may ask their foreign suppliers to report annual quantities on their behalf.

The duty to report annual quantities does not apply if you only provide information about the composition or recipe of a chemical product (so called declaration of a raw material).