Regulations relating to the recycling of waste (Waste Regulations)

This is an unofficial translation of the Norwegian regulation. Updated: February 2012.


Chapter 1. Waste electrical and electronic equipment I. Introductory provisions

Appendix 1. Categories of EE equipmen Appendix 2. Certification of take-back companies

Chapter 2. Handling of discarded refrigeration equipment containing CFC (not translated)

Chapter 3. Batteries which are hazardous to the environment (not translated)

Chapter 4. End-of-life vehicles

Appendix 1. Minimum technical requirements for treatment facilities for end-of-life vehicles

Appendix 2. Minimum requirements for certificates of destruction issued pursuant to section 4-10 (not translated)

Chapter 5. Collection and recycling of discarded tyres (not translated)

Chapter 6. Take-back systems for beverage packaging Section

Chapter 7. Packaging waste

Chapter 8. Refund of taxes on HFCs and PFCs

Chapter 9. Landfilling of waste

Appendix I. General requirements for all classes of landfills

Appendix II. Waste acceptance procedures

Appendix III. Control and monitoring procedures in operation and after-care phases

Chapter 10. Incineration of waste

Appendix I. Equivalent factors for polychlorinated dibenzo-p-dioxins and dibenzofuranes

Appendix II. Limit values for emissions to air from co-incineration facilities

Appendix III. Requirements for measuring methods and equipment

Appendix IV. Limit values for discharge to water from the purification of flue gas

Appendix V. Limit values for emissions to air from waste incinerators

Appendix VI. Formula for calculating emissions at standard concentrations of oxygen

Appendix VII. Formula for calculating normalised discharges in waste water

Appendix VIII. Contents of a discharge permit

Appendix IX. Conditions for incineration

Appendix X. Standardising measurement results and calculating average values for emissions to air

Appendix XI. Conditions for exemption from the requirements to measure heavy metals and dioxins

Appendix XII. Hazardous waste exempted from the requirements concerning hazardous waste

Chapter 11. Hazardous waste

Appendix 1. The European classification of waste

Appendix 2. Standardised requirements for municipal facilities

Appendix 3. Criteria for hazardous waste

Chapter 12. Fee for declaring hazardous waste (not translated)

Chapter 13. Transfrontier shipment of waste

Chapter 14. Discarded insulating glass units containing PCBs 

Appendix 1

Chapter 15. Cancelled

Chapter 16. Radioactive Waste (not translated)

Chapter 17. Common provisions on control, appeals, penal mesures, etc.