What information is required when declaring chemicals?

The Norwegian Environment Agency has an electronic system for declaring chemicals to the Norwegian product register.

To obtain access to the system, fill out the Application Form send it to produktregisteret@miljodir.no. You will receive an email with instructions on how to log into the system.

The information required when declaring chemicals is:

  • The full commercial name as written on the packaging and in the safety datasheet, and the name of the company responsible for the declaration

  • The chemical's hazard labelling under the CLP Regulation

  • The name of the Norwegian customers (when the company that completes the registration is not Norwegian, it must state the names and addresses of the Norwegian companies that are the first recipients in Norway)

  • The full chemical composition must be stated. This means that all chemical substances as they exist in the chemical product must be listed with an unambiguous chemical name, identification number (CAS No. / EC No. /declaration number), and the quantity in per cent by weight.

  • If the chemical is a biocide the constituents that make up the active substance(s) must be identified

  • Some explosives precursors must be declared. For further guidance, please refer to the Regulation on the handling of explosives precursors, sections 2 and 8.

Microbiological products must be declared, regardless of their quantity. Further guidance can be found in the Microbiological Products Regulations, section 4

  • Area of use and product type

  • Physical properties

Area of use / industry is obtained by using the international system for industry codes published by Statistics Norway. Several industry codes may be used. If so, the percentage share between the codes must be stated. If the chemical is also used for private consumption, the percentage used for private consumption must also be stated.

Product type refers to a description of the chemical's function and is given by using a dedicated code system (UCN). Several product type codes may be used. If so, the percentage share between the codes must be stated.

The electronic system carries out an automatic check before submission of the information.