Duty to declare

Manufacturers or consumers who manufacture and/or import for occupational or personal use 100 kg or more per year of a chemical classified as hazardous, shall give a declaration for the substance or mixture to the Norwegian Product Register. If the trade name or the company that is responsible for the label is changed, we consider it to be (a new) production.

In addition to the duty to declare hazard chemicals, it is also mandatory to declare microbiological products, explosive precursors and biocidal products. These must be declared regardless of the quantity and hazard classification.

Registration must take place at latest when manufacture, placing on the market or professional use begins in Norway

The duty to declare to the Norwegian Product Register is a national regulation.

The information that has to be declared is given in the following Regulations; Regulations relating to the declaration of chemicals to the Product Register §4 (in norwegian only), Regulation on the handling of explosives precursors (PDF), sections 2 and 8, Microbiological Products Regulations § 4 and Norwegian Biocides Regulation § 31 and elaborated in the guidance notes.