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About us

The Norwegian Environment Agency is working for a clean and diverse environment. Our primary tasks are to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, manage Norwegian nature, and prevent pollution.

We are a government agency under the Ministry of Climate and Environment and have 700 employees at our two offices in Trondheim and Oslo and at the Norwegian Nature Inspectorate’s more than sixty local offices.

We implement and give advice on the development of climate and environmental policy. We are professionally independent. This means that we act independently in the individual cases that we decide and when we communicate knowledge and information or give advice.

Our principal functions include collating and communicating environmental information,   exercising regulatory authority, supervising and guiding regional and local government level, giving professional and technical advice, and participating in international environmental activities.

The Norwegian Nature Inspectorate (SNO)
The Norwegian Nature Inspectorate (SNO) preserves national environmental values and prevents environmental crime by means of inspections, monitoring, information, guidance, and operative management in important natural and cultural heritage areas.

We are a part of the Norwegian Environment Agency; our headquarters are in Trondheim, and we have over sixty local offices across the entire country. We exercise authority pursuant to the Nature Inspectorate Act under the Ministry of Climate and Environment.


Phone: +47 73 58 05 00

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