Cold venting and fugitive emissions from Norwegian offshore oil and gas activities – summary report

The report presents a survey and mapping of direct methane and NMVOC emissions from Norwegian offshore installations, an updated estimate of emission inventories, proposals for improved future quantification of the emissions and an assessment of emission abatement opportunities. A total of 48 potential emission sources were identified.

A small number of these sources contributed a dominant proportion of the emissions. Annual direct emissions were estimated to be about 12 500 tonnes of methane and 7 500 tonnes of NMVOC (2014), significantly lower than previously reported. However, the level of uncertainty is high, and particularly the contribution from fugitive emissions. New generic quantification methodologies are proposed for the major proportion of the emission sources. However, installation-specific quantification methods are recommended for some emission sources. It is proposed to compensate for emissions from sources making an insignificant contribution by adding a standard mark-up. Techniques and methods which enable total elimination of emissions from some of the major sources were identified. These techniques, which are already implemented on some of the installations currently in operation, can reduce the emissions significantly if implemented on future new installations. However, implementing emission abatement measures on existing installations can be costly.


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