Environmental pollutants in the terrestrial and urban environment

Category: Monitoring report | Number: M-752 | Published by: Miljødirektoratet, NILU, NINA

18.10.17 We analysed biological samples from the terrestrial and urban environment for various inorganic a...

Monitoring of environmental contaminants in air and precipitation

Category: Monitoring report | Number: M-757 | Published by: NILU

26.09.17 This monitoring report presents 2016 data and time-trends for the Norwegian programme for...

Monitoring of long-range transported air pollutants in Norway, Annual Report 2016

Category: Monitoring report | Number: M-780 | Published by: NILU

21.09.17 Denne rapporten omhandler resultater fra overvåkningsprogrammet for langtransportert forurenset...

Monitoring of the atmospheric ozone layer and natural ultraviolet radiation: Annual Report 2016

Category: Report | Number: M-803 | Published by: NILU, UiO

15.09.17 This report summarizes the results from the Norwegian monitoring programme on stratospheric ozone...

PAH measurements in air and moss around selected industrial sites in Norway 2015

Category: Commissioned report | Number: M-804 | Published by: NILU, NTNU

11.09.17 On request from the Norwegian Environment Agency a pilot study of atmospheric deposition of PAH...

Veiledning for leverandører av produkter

Category: Guidelines | Number: M-809 | Published by: ECHA

24.08.17 Denne veiledningen beskriver hvilke krav som gjelder i REACH for leverandører av faste produkter....

Potential PFBS and PFHxS Precursors

Category: Commissioned report | Number: M-792 | Published by: UiO

08.08.17 Per- and polyfluorinated substances are on the agenda of environmental and health authorities...

Russian-Norwegian ambient air monitoring in the border areas

Category: Monitoring report | Number: M-761 | Published by: Federal State Budgetary Murmansk Administration for Hydrometeorology and Environmental Monitoring (Murmansk UGMS), Norwegian Institute for Air Research (NILU), Norwegian Environment Agency

21.06.17 The report presents the levels of sulphur dioxide (SO2) and heavy metals (nickel and copper) in...

Investigation of Sources to PFBS in the Environment

Category: Commissioned report | Number: M-759 | Published by: COWI

19.05.17 Rapporten identifiserer kilder til perfluorbutansulfonat (PFBS) i miljøet ved å kartlegge...

Climate in Norway 2100 – a knowledge base for climate adaptation

Category: Commissioned report | Number: M-741 | Published by: The Norwegian Centre for Climate Services (NCCS)

11.05.17 This report is a condensed English version of the Norwegian report “Klima i Norge 2100”, publishe...

Greenhouse Gas Emissions 1990-2015, Annexes to NIR 2017

Category: Report | Number: M-725 | Published by: Miljødirektoratet

11 annekser til Norges utslippsrapportering av klimagasser til FN.

Greenhouse Gas Emissions 1990-2015, National Inventory Report

Category: Report | Number: M-724 | Published by: Miljødirektoratet

Norges utslippsrapportering av klimagasser for perioden 1990-2015 til FN

Informative Inventory Report (IIR) 2017 Norway Air Pollutant Emissions 1990-2015

Category: Report | Number: M-704 | Published by: Miljødirektoratet

13.03.17 This report documents the methodologies used in the Norwegian emission inventory of acidifying...

Metal pollution around Norwegian industries studied by analysis of naturally growing moss samples

Category: Monitoring report | Number: M-715 | Published by: NILU

03.03.17 On request from the Norwegian Environment Agency, a survey of atmospheric deposition of heavy...

Right to Roam

Category: Leaflet | Number: M-86 | Published by: Miljødirektoratet

21.02.17 Outdoor recreation is an important part of our cultural heritage in Norway. Since ancient times, ...

Atmospheric deposition of heavy metals in Norway

Category: Monitoring report | Number: M-594 | Published by: Miljødirektoratet, NILU, NTNU

13.02.17 Commissioned by the Norwegian Environment Agency, NILU – Norwegian Institute for Air Research in...

Monitoring of greenhouse gases and aerosols at Svalbard and Birkenes in 2015

Category: Monitoring report | Number: M-694 | Published by: Miljødirektoratet

10.02.17 Rapporten presenterer aktiviteter og måleresultater fra klimagassovervåkingen ved Zeppelin-observ...

Cold Venting and Fugitive Emissions from Norwegian Offshore Oil and Gas Activities - Module 1 Surveying installations to identify potential emission sources

Category: Commissioned report | Number: M-664 | Published by: add novatech as

09.02.17 Sources of direct emissions of methane and NMVOC were identified by a survey of the facilities on...

Cold venting and Fugitive Emissions from Norwegian Offshore Oil and Gas Activities - Module 3A report - Best available technique (BAT) assessments

Category: Commissioned report | Number: M-665 | Published by: add novatech as

09.02.17 Based on the survey of emission sources in Module 1 of this project, possibilities for emission...

Riverine inputs and direct discharges to Norwegian coastal waters – 2015

Category: Commissioned report | Number: M-634 | Published by: NIVA

26.01.17 Riverine inputs and direct discharges to Norwegian coastal waters in 2015 have been estimated in...