Annual Report of Quantities for 2017

Deadline for reporting annual quantities for 2017 is 15 March 2018. 24.01.18



Norway raises voluntary IPCC contribution

The Norwegian Government has decided to increase the voluntary contribution to the... 01.11.17



The right climate for wild reindeer?

Living as they do in ever-decreasing areas of barren mountain moorland, wild reindeer ar... 03.11.16

323 wild reindeer killed by lightning

A herd of wild reindeer on Hardangervidda was struck by lightning on Friday 26 August. T... 02.09.16

New candidates for the list of worst environmental toxins

The Norwegian Environment Agency is of the opinion that more substances and groups of... 16.06.16

Delaying substantial emission reductions limits climate policy choices

If fast and substantial reduction of greenhouse gas emissions is postponed further, ther... 01.12.15

Status report for diversity in Norwegian nature

The Norwegian nature index 2015 indicates that the nature index value for forest has... 01.12.15