CLP Article 45 in Norway

CLP Article 45 and Annex VIII is implemented in Norwegian law and applies in the same way in Norway as in other EEA-countries.

First deadline for registration is 1. January 2020

Provisions outlined in CLP Article 45 and Annex VIII will apply stepwise. The first deadline for registration is 1. January 2020. This deadline applies to mixtures for consumers.

The Norwegian Poison Center has access to data from the Norwegian product register. Up to the 2020-deadline, and during the trasition period, a registration in the product register will also serve as a registration of poison information according to article 45 of the CLP-regulation.

Transition period until 2025

The transition period until 2025 is described in CLP Appendix VIII (part A, section 1.4f), and will apply for mixtures registered in the Norwegian Product Register before the deadlines outlined in CLP Appendix VIII (part A, section 1.1, 1.2 1 and 1.3)

If a mixture is changed after the application of the deadlines in CLP appendix VIII, this might mean that information must be resubmitted. In such case, the information must be submitted as described in Appendix VIII.

Where to submit information?

Norway will use ECHA`s Poison Centres Notification Portal for submission of information to the Poison Center rather than develop a separate national system for Poison Centre Submission. The first version of the notification portal will be launched 24. April 2019.

Stay updated by checking out this website:

The Norwegian Environment Agency will post information on their website and will also host an information meeting in the autumn of 2019.

Declaration of chemicals to the Product Register in Norway

The duty to submit information to the Product Register will continue to exist in parallell with the duties imposed by CLP Article 45 and Appendix VIII. The obligation to submit information to the Norwegian Product Register is regulated by national law.