Chapter 13

Regulations relating to the recycling of waste (Waste Regulations). This is an unofficial translation of the Norwegian regulation.

Laid down pursuant to sections 31 and 32 of the Act of 13 March 1981 no. 6 relating to protection against pollution and concerning waste (the Pollution Control Act). Cf. the EEA Agreement, Appendix XX no. 32c (Order (EEC) no. 259/93 amended by Commission Decision 94/721/EC, Commission Decision 96/660/EC, Order (EC) no. 120/97, Commission Decision 98/368/EC, Order (EC) no. 2408/98, Commission Decision 1999/816/EC and Order (EC) no. 2557/2001).

Section 13-1. Permit for export and import of waste 

The EEA Agreement appendix XX no. 32c (Order (EEC) no. 1013/2006) relating to the export of waste applies as regulations with the amendments and supplements that result from appendix XX, protocol 1, to the agreement and from the rest of the agreement.

No one may send waste to Svalbard, cf. the Act of 15 June 2001 no. 79 relating to environmental protection in Svalbard, Section 71, subsection 2.

The provisions in appendices 2 and 3 shall apply to the export of waste specified in appendix III to the Order to states that do not apply the OECD resolution C(9239)/final, revised C(2001)107/final relating to the control of transfrontier shipment of waste intended for recycling.

Section 13-2. Regulatory and supervisory authority

The Environment Agency is the responsible authority and contact body in Norway, cf. articles 53 and 54 of the Order.

The Environment Agency makes decisions in accordance with the Order. These decisions are individual measures and shall be issued in writing. 
The Environment Agency is responsible for ensuring compliance with the provisions in this chapter.

Section 13-3. Charges

The provisions in this paragraph apply to the collection of charges for the Environment Agency’s work with permits for waste transports pursuant to this chapter.

The declarer, or the declarer’s representative in Norway, shall pay the following charges to the treasury for the Environment Agency’s case processing:

Permit for the import of waste NOK 3,800

Permit for the export of waste NOK 8,200

The charge falls due for payment 30 days after the enterprise has received the invoice from the pollution authority.

In exceptional circumstances, the Environment Agency may reduce or waive the charge.

The Environment Agency may change the rate of charge in accordance with changes in the consumer price index during the period 1 October to 30 September. The amended rate of charge shall be rounded to the nearest NOK 100. The change comes into force on the following 1 January. 
(EEC) Order no. 259/93 included in Chapter 13 is repealed and replaced with (EC) Order no. 1013/2006.