Product Regulations

Regulations relating to restrictions on the manufacture, import, export, sale and use of chemicals and other products hazardous to health and the environment (Product Regulation).

This is an unofficial translation of the Norwegian regulation


Chapter 1. Introductory provisions

Chapter 2. Regulated substances, preparations and products Section

Appendices to chapter 2
Appendix I. Batteries – labelling 
Appendix II. Regulation of capacity labeling of batteries
Appendix III. Materials and parts that are exempt from the prohibition in section 2-19
Appendix IV. Requirements for petrol and diesel fuel 
Appendix VI A. Detergent regulation 
Appendix VI B. Amendments to the detergent regulation 
Appendix VII: Appendix to sections 2-24 to 2-26 on organic compounds in paints and varnishes

Chapter 2a: Electrical and electronic products and equipment (EEE)

Appendices to chapter 2a
Appendix 1 Applications exempted from the restriction in § 2a-3
Appendix 2 Applications exempted from the restriction in § 2a-3 specific to medical devices and monitoring and control instruments
Appendix 3 Conditions for the exemption
Appendix 4 EU declaration of conformity
Appendix 5 Procedures for Conformity Assessment

Chapter 3: Blending requirement for biofuels and sustainability criteria for biofuels and liquid biofuels

Chapter 4. Persistent organic pollutants (POPs)

Chapter 5. Restrictions on the sale of toxic substances  

Chapter 6. Regulation of ozone-depleting substances

Appendices to chapter 6
Appendix I. Chemical substances that lead to the depletion of the ozone layer (ozone-depleting substances) 
Appendix II. New chemical substances that lead to the depletion of the ozone layer 
Appendix III. Phase-out plans Appendix IV. Critical use of halon 
Appendix V. Process agents

Chapter 6a. Regulation of fluorinated substances

Chapter 7. Final provisions