Chapter 21. Ban on incineration at sea

Regulations relating to pollution control (Pollution Regulations). This is an unofficial translation of the Norwegian regulation.

Laid down pursuant to § 9 paragraph 1 of the Act of 13 March 1981 No. 6 relating to protection against pollution and relating to waste [The Pollution Control Act] and § 114 paragraph 9 of the Act of 9 June 1903 No. 7 relating to Public Control of the Seaworthiness of Ships, etc.

§ 21-1. Definitions

For the purposes of this Chapter:

a) ship means any seagoing vessel irrespective of whether the vessel has propulsion machinery of its own. This does not cover offshore units,
b) offshore unit means an installation or other facility used in the petroleum activity, irrespective of whether the construction is fixed or mobile. An offshore unit also includes pipelines and cables used in the petroleum activity.
c) incineration means any thermal destruction of waste or other material with the intention of disposing of such materials. Incineration does not include incineration connected with or following from normal operation of ships, offshore units or their equipment, except where the waste or material has been removed from the source of the waste to be disposed of elsewhere.

§ 21-2. Ban on incineration

The incineration of waste or other material on board ships and offshore units is banned in Norway. Within the remit of international law, this also applies to incineration in the Norwegian Economic Zone and on the Norwegian Continental Shelf.

The ban includes incineration on board Norwegian ships in all waters.