Pollution Regulations

This is an unofficial translation of the Norwegian regulation. Last updated: March 2012.

Table of contents:

Part 1. Contaminated soil and sediments

Chapter 1. Measures to prevent danger of pollution from underground oil tanks

Chapter 2. Cleaning of contaminated soil in connection with building and excavation work
Appendix 1. Normative values for most sensitive area use 

Chapter 3. Application of the Pollution Control Act to ports

Chapter 4. Establishment, operation and maintenance of levelled fields 

Part 2. Noise

Chapter 5. Noise – mapping, action plans and limit values for existing enterprises 
Appendix 1. Noise indicators
Appendix 2. Minimum requirements for strategic noise mapping
Appendix 3. Minimum requirements for action plans
Appendix 4. Provisions regarding airport traffic basis

Chapter 6. Ban on the use of leisure craft without effective exhaust system muffling

Part 3. Local air quality 

Chapter 7. Local air quality 
Appendix I. Zones
Appendix 2. Tropospheric ozone
Appendix 3 Measurement and calculation of air quality
Appendix 4. Margin of tolerance
Appendix 5. Requirements for the content of assessments of possible measures

Chapter 8. Sulphur content of certain liquid fuels 

Chapter 9. Limitation of emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) caused by use of organic solvents
Appendix I. Scope
Appendix II A 
Appendix II B. Reduction scheme 
Appendix III. Solvent management scheme

Chapter 10. Emissions and discharges from crematoriums

Part 4: Municipal waste water

11: Discharge requirements for domestic waste water from permanent and non-permanent residences.

12: Discharge requirements for municipal waste water from small agglomerations.

13: Discharge requirements for municipal waste water from large agglomerations.

14: Discharge reguirments for waste water containing oil.

15: Trade effluents connected to municipal waste water treatment plants.

15B: Waste water treatment.

16: Municipal fees for water and waste water.

Part 5. Certain pollutants in water and groundwater 

Chapter 17. Discharge of hazardous substances to water
Appendix I 

Chapter 18. Not adopted

Part 6. Pollution of watercourses and marine environment from shipping and other activities

Chapter 19. Composition and use of dispergent agents and shoreline cleaning agents in combating oil spills

Chapter 20. Reception facilities for ship-generated waste and cargo residues
Appendix I 
Appendix II 
Appendix III 

Chapter 21. Ban on incineration at sea

Chapter 22. Dredging and dumping at sea and in waterways

Chapter 23. Prevention of the discharge of sewage from ships

Part 7. Requirements for preventing pollution from certain activities or sources

Chapter 24. Pollution from asphalt plants

Chapter 25. Pollution from washing and impregnating nets in aquaculture

Chapter 26. Pollution from fish processing enterprises.

Chapter 27. Pollution from combustion plants fired with clean fuels

Chapter 28. Pollution from plants for chemical/electrolytic surface treatment

Chapter 29. Pollution from mechanical surface treatment and maintenance of metal constructions (including shipyards)

Chapter 30. Pollution from production of aggregates, gravel, sand and shingle

Chapter 31. Not adopted

Chapter 32. Not adopted

Chapter 33. Not adopted

Chapter 34. Not adopted

Chapter 35. Not adopted

Part 8. Permission to pollute

Chapter 36. Processing applications pursuant to the Pollution Control Act
Appendix I. Activities covered by the provisions of this chapter
Appendix II. Best available techniques
Appendix III. Main pollutants to be considered in determining limit values for emissions

Chapter 37. Duty to report in accordance with the Pollution Control Act

Part 9. European Eco-Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS)  

Chapter 38. Voluntary participation for organisations in an eco-management and audit scheme (EMAS)
- Regulation (EEC) No 761/2001 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 19 March 2001 allowing voluntary participation by organisations in a Community eco-management and audit scheme (EMAS)

Part 10. Fees 

Chapter 39. Collecting fees to the state for the issuing of permits and inspection work under the Pollution Control Act

Chapter 40. Not adopted

Part 11. Common provisions 

Chapter 41. Supervision, complaints, penalties etc.

Chapter 42. Entry into force