Photo: Bjørn Pedersen

Climate impacts on biodiversity

Changes in temperature, rain and snowfall patterns and snow conditions have major impacts on Norway’s nature and landscapes. Species, habitats and ecosystems are all affected as the climate changes.

The Norwegian Environment Agency's primary roles are related to climate impacts on biodiversity, pollution and outdoor recreation, and important tasks are:

  • keep track of and communicate climate effects on the environment
  • develop adaptations and measures in various parts of the environmental management to counteract the negative effects of climate change
  • help to ensure the ability of ecosystems to mitigate climate change, resist the effects of climate change and help society to adapt
  • contribute to mitigation and customizations in all sector areas that are not negative for biodiversity

Impacts in terrestrial habitats

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Impacts in freshwater habitats

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Impacts in marine and coastal habitats

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Impacts on outdoor recreation

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