Who Is Responsible for Submitting Information?

Anyone in Norway who manufactures or imports chemical products that are classified as hazardous, and manufactures/imports 100 kg or more per year must declare the chemical to the Norwegian Product Register at the Norwegian Environment Agency.

What chemicals must be declared?

Responsibility for complying with the declaration duty lies with the first party in Norway to import/manufacture a chemical that has to be declared, but the declaration work itself may be transferred to another company; for example an agent or manufacturer. If another company takes over the declaration work, it will have an obligation in civil law towards the primary party to perform this work in accordance with the requirements in Norwegian regulations. Such agreements do not prevent the authorities from directing responsibility towards the party that has the closest responsibility under Norwegian law.

The party that performs the declaration work pursuant to the point above must be a company in Norway or in the EEA (European Economic Area) or EFTA (European Free Trade Association).

Composition information directly from the manufacturer:

Information on composition can be submitted directly by the manufacturer (contract manufacturer, foreign manufacturer).

The company responsible for registration is responsible for submitting the information to the Norwegian Environment Agency. The company must always have adequate knowledge of chemicals in order to be able to check the classification and labelling.

When must the declaration information be submitted?

Registration of hazardous chemicals must take place at latest when manufacture, placing on the market or professional use begins in Norway.