What Chemicals Must Be Reported?

Chemicals in general

Information must be submitted on all chemical products (substances and mixtures) that are classified with respect to health, environmental or fire and explosion hazards under section 6 of the Chemical Labelling Regulations or article 3 of the EU's CLP Regulation (see the Norwegian CLP Regulations), if 100 kg or more of the product are imported or manufactured per year.

It should be especially noted that duty to declare applies to the following chemicals when they meet the criteria above:

  • Manufacture/sale of chemicals for use in the manufacture of chemicals mentioned in section 1(3) of the Chemical Labelling Regulations (for example chemicals to manufacture pharmaceuticals, foodstuffs and feed products)
  • Wet wipes for technical use – the registration covers all of the chemicals added
  • Welding powder
  • Bases and hardening agents in multi-constituent chemicals (registered as two or more individual chemicals)
  • Chemicals that after reprocessing/enrichment are considered a product and not waste, for example regenerated washing thinners
  • Chemicals that are manufactured exclusively for export

Information on substances in nano form

Physical data that may be relevant to consider when the chemicals have hazardous properties, must be provided. This includes information about the content of substances on nano form in the chemical products.

We ask you to provide information that is already known by the producer/manufacturer, an especially if the nano form has a function in the chemical product.

Definition of nanomaterials follows the EU Recommendation 2011/696/EU.

Changes that must be reported to the Product Register

When a chemical is changed in such a manner as to affect its fire, explosion, health or environmental classification, the responsible party must send new information to the Norwegian Product Register on its own initiative, and without undue delay.

Microbiological products

Microbiological products must be declared, regardless of their quantity.

Anyone who manufactures, imports or brings microbiological products onto the market in Norway is duty bound to declare all information that is necessary in order to assess the risk of the chemical harming health or having a detrimental effect on the environment, including a description of the chemical and the chemical's composition and area of use.

Further guidance can be found in the Microbiological Products Regulations, section 4

Biocidal products

Biocidal products must always be reported to the Product Register, regardless of their quantity.

More information on reporting biocides, registration form, and link to guide.

Duty to provide information on other chemicals

Pursuant to the Product Control Act / Working Environment Act, the authorities can when necessary order the provision of information on chemicals that do not normally need to be declared.

Explosives precursors

Some explosives precursors shall be declared to the Product Register. The duty of declaration applies irrespective of amount and enters into force no later than when the enterprise starts to manufacture, sell or place them on the market in Norway. For further guidance, please refer to the Regulation on the handling of explosives precursors, sections 2 and 8. 

Test manufacture

The Norwegian Environment Agency may grant permission for simplified updates to the declaration information in connection with test manufacture. The first version that is tested by having a selection of customers buy the chemical must be declared in the usual way. Changes that are not of significance to health, the environment or safety do not need to be reported during the testing. A final declaration must be submitted/confirmed when testing of the chemical is complete, and it is ready for regular sale.

If the ordinary declaration procedure shall not be followed, an application for a dispensation must be filed for test manufacture of quantities exceeding 1 tonne or test manufacture periods exceeding 6 months (if the ordinary registration procedure is not followed.)

Simplified declaration

For virtually identical chemicals in the same series and with the same labelling, information on several chemicals may be submitted in some cases on the same form. This is so-called simplified declaration.

This primarily applies to paint and varnishes, but may also apply to other product types.

The following guidelines will form the basis for assessing whether simplified registration can be approved:

  • Each product series must contain at least 5 chemicals.
  • The chemicals must have the same labelling to indicate health, environmental, fire and explosion hazards, and have an unambiguous joint main name, as stated on the hazard label.
  • The chemicals must belong to the same product type.

The procedures/rules for simplified registration are described in the guide on how to complete the declaration form.