Use of the Data in the Product Register

All Norwegian authorities can be granted access to the Product Register for professional purposes, either through direct access or on request to the Norwegian Environment Agency. Certain authorized employees of the Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority, the Labour Inspection Authority's regional office in Oslo, the Norwegian Poison Information Centre and the Norwegian Environment Agency have direct access to all of the data in the Product Register.

Data from the Product Register is used for purposes that include:

  • The authorities' supervision of hazard labelling and chemicals documentation
  • Risk analyses of chemical substances and different areas of use
  • Generating/compiling statistics for the authorities
  • Advice and guidance in connection with acute poisoning
  • Planning and exercising inspections of importers, manufacturers and sellers of chemical products
  • Legislative work
  • International work

The following directorates and institutes are among the users of data from the Product Register:

  • Norwegian Directorate of Health (Norwegian Poison Information Centre
  • Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority
  • Norwegian Institute of Public Health
  • Petroleum Safety Authority Norway
  • National Institute of Occupational Health
  • Norwegian Environment Agency
  • Directorate for Civil Protection and Emergency Planning
  • Statistics Norway
  • Norwegian Directorate of Customs and Excise