Security in the Product Register

When registering chemicals, the company itself is responsible for stating what information are business secrets.

Business secrets that are sent to the Product Register are handled securely.

The security procedures for administration and use of data in the Product Register are based on the protection instructions (instructions for processing documents that need protection for other reasons than those mentioned in the Act relating to Protective Security Services (the Security Act and its regulations). Based on the protection instructions, the Ministry of Climate an Environment has drawn up "Security Procedures for the Product Register and for Companies that use Classified Information from the Product Register".

The Ministry of Climate and Environment has appointed a security committee for the Product Register that will have special responsibility for monitoring compliance with the security provisions. The business sector is represented on the committee. The committee will serve as an adviser in addition to monitoring the administrative, systems engineering and physical security measures in the Product Register and among the users of the data in the Product Register.