Annual fee for chemicals

The Environment Agency sent the invoices with annual fee for chemicals for 2018 on the 30th ofAugust to companies with registered chemicals in the Product Register. Due date is 30th of September 2019. Please pay as soon as possible as this year's invoicing is somewhat delayed. 

What is the annual fee for chemicals?

All enterprises importing or manufacturing hazardous chemicals to or in Norway is liable an annual 'chemical fee' to the Norwegian authorities. The information in the Product Register provides the basis for the authorities' fee for monitoring hazardous chemicals. The  fee finances the Norwegian authorities control with hazardous chemicals, and it is split between the Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority and the Norwegian Environment Agency.

For more information: The Product Register

The fee is accrued at 820 NOK per chemical for the first 100 chemicals, and 135 NOK thereafter. No declaring entity shall pay a higher fee total than NOK 110,000.

Biocidal products with annual fees should not have a chemical fee

Chemicals for which an annual fee is paid according to the regulations on biocides should not also have a chemical fee.

This should be adjusted for in billing, but errors can occur. Therefore, contact us if you believe that you have received a chemical fee for products for which a biocidal fee was paid earlier this year.

More about biocides: The biocide regulations

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