Annual Reports

For the Product Register to be a reliable source of information and in order to draw up statistics, it is critical that the information in the register has been updated, including the annual report of quantity information. According to current regulations, we may require updates to the registered information. Companies with chemicals subject to a declaration duty must nevertheless report significant changes to the registrations as soon as such changes arise, independent of the annual report.

In January each year the Norwegian Environment Agency sends an order to report the annual quantities for the previous year.

In the event of a failure to comply with the reporting deadline, the authorities may impose a coercive fine, under section 13 of the Product Control Act.

Instructions for submitting the annual amounts

The annual quantities shall be given for all chemicals and should be for the entire previous year, including any chemicals that are discontinued. All quantities must be given in tons, as specified below:

  • Produced: the amount produced in Norway

  • Imported: the amount imported to Norway

  • Exported: the amount exported from Norway

  • Renamed: the amount renamed in Norway. Renamed applies to chemicals imported to or purchased in Norway for further sale under another trade name, or the company's own chemicals that are given other trade names, for example for sales in another market.