We help journalists find the appropriate person to speak with for background information, case information, and interviews.

Media hotline: +47 401 03 800


The media hotline answers calls from the media between 6:00 and 21:00 every day. If we are unable to answer the phone, we will presently return your call. Unfortunately, the media hotline is unable to receive text or voice messages. E-mail:

Other parties are kindly asked to call our switchboard on
+47 73 58 05 00.

Points of contact at the Communications Unit:

Predator hotline: +47 977 87 000

CITES hotline: +47 930 63 971 / +47 465 08 723

The Norwegian Environment Agency is the relevant authority in Norway for the Washington Convention, which monitors and regulates the trade and transportation of endangered species or products made from such animals.

The CITES hotline is staffed outside of normal working hours and is primarily intended for use by Norwegian Customs and Excise, the Norwegian Food Safety Authority, and the police. For enquiries from the general public concerning application processing and the like, please call the switchboard during working hours:
+47 73 58 05 00.

Information Centre: +47 73 58 05 00

Our Information Centre answers questions by either phone or e-mail, or ensures that your question is answered by someone else. During working hours, our switchboard forwards calls to the Information Centre. E-mail sent to will be registered, and any questions will be forwarded to our Information Centre.